Welcome to MaintainMyWebsite.com

You've built yourself a nice HTML website and now everytime you want to make a change (even a small change), you're paying hundreds of dollars.


You don't have a website, but you don't need anything flash. Just some basic information, a few photos, so that the rest of the world can find you.

At MaintainMyWebsite, I'll make as few or as many changes as you like each month for one low monthly fee.

Changes can include:

  • Content (text) changes
  • Image changes
  • I'll even create or delete new pages

I do not do multimedia changes (video, flash, programming etc) but then again I don't charge like I do.

Just send an email with the changes you'd like to make, the page you want changed, and within 24 hours
your changes will be live.

There is no setup fee and you can terminate your service whenever you like.

Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective

All of this for just:

$19.90 per month (or $200 per annum)

This is cheaper than what you'd pay to make one change with most web designers.

To get started, just click on the Subscribe to Service link